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Seriously, though, a good health plan can make all the difference. Everyday good employees leave jobs for other jobs with better offers… But money alone is no longer the only factor that matters. People want health plans and when they are looking for an employer or when you are recruiting new members, people will ask about perks, especially health insurance.

It makes sense, while someone may love their job, one of their primary reasons for working so hard is to take care of the people who they care about. This could be a significant other, kids, or even parents in some situations. Everyone’s personal life is complicated and they feel much happier about work when it feels like their employer has their back.

Key Point

Whether you run a small team of just a few people or a larger team, Southwest Health Options can help you find the best plan for them.

Business Contribution

Your business doesn’t always have to cover the health plan financially. Depending on the size of your business and the plan that you choose, you have a choice on how much of the plan (if any) that you cover. A quick conversation with us will answer your questions and give you clarity on this process so you know exactly what your costs will be before you commit.

The good news is that these top-tier plans provide excellent benefits that are ONLY available to groups. Whether you are covering them in full for your employees or not, they provide excellent benefits. These plans are not available to individuals, they are only available through a group.

Key Point

Basically, these top group plans are the health plan every working American really wants to have, but can only access through an employer.


PPO plans are far superior to HMO plans. PPO plans don’t require referrals and allow you to go directly to the doctor or healthcare provider you need. The networks are usually much wider, so your employees will have much more flexible access to the doctors they or their family members need.

It’s important to us (Southwest Health Options) that you find the plan that is truly the best fit for your company and your employees. There are quite a few to choose from and we can help you navigate that process, find the right one, and handle all of the paperwork.

Key Point

More than half of all American companies offer health benefits to their employees.

Pre-existing Conditions

There are many group health plans that will accept your employees with virtually no questions asked. Many of the plans are part of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), so they don’t disqualify people because of pre-existing conditions. These group plans are far superior to the plans people normally have access to through This fact alone is a HUGE benefit to employees.

That being said, there are excellent private plans available as well. Either way, the first step is to schedule a call with us so we can work to figure out what’s best for you and your company.

“Excellent service is what any successful business is all about. Shelley Grandidge, of Southwest Health Options so professionally demonstrates this when handling all of our health care insurance needs. I have worked with Shelley over the last fives years and have always found her extremely responsive to my needs. Anytime I have questions regarding my insurance policies she is able to resolve any of my concerns. I am proud of my relationship with Shelley and look forward to many more years of the same.“
Randy T. | Health Insurance Plans

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Business Health Insurance FAQs

What is the smallest group size that you work with?

No business is too small as long as it exists. We can work with groups as small as 1 person. Some options are only available to groups of 2 or more people (as long as one of them isn’t your spouse), but we can find options for every small business.

What is the largest group size that you work with?

The maximum group size that we work with is 50 employees.

How much does an employer have to contribute?

With private health insurance, the employer isn’t required to contribute anything. The employer can also contribute different percentages for different employees. There is a large amount of flexibility that we can quickly go through over the phone as it pertains to your business.

For ACA compliant small group plans, the employer must contribute a minimum of 50% for the employee.

Do you offer PPO plans?

Yes! We work almost exclusively with PPO plans. PPOs offer the most flexibility and don’t force you to get a referral for EVERYTHING. Our clients typically prefer PPO plans, but we do still work with other plans when our clients need those.

Do you offer Private Options?

Yes, we offer very strong private health insurance options for businesses. Private insurance is more flexible and offers nationwide coverage. However, you must qualify (health-wise) for a private health plan.

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